AFC - Abacus Formula Compiler for Java
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The latest stable release:
Binary release, including documentation and all required third-party libraries.
Source code and documentation for AFC in .jar files. Makes attaching source and doc in IDEs simple.
Complete source code for AFC, including tests and examples. Needs external tools to run (see below). Setup instructions are here.
Most of the external tools required to build an AFC distribution in a single download. It’s OK if the version here is less than the others.
License Information
Background on AFC’s dual licensing (commercial and GPL).
Release Notes
Release notes for all versions of AFC. We follow the regime of trying not to break existing code for x.y.z (z > 1) releases, while we do occasionally have API changes for x.y.0 releases. We try not to break compiled engine compatibility anymore at all.
Older Versions
Download links to older versions.
Source Code Repositories
Lists the available Mercurial source code repositories.
About Abacus
Background on Abacus Research AG, the company behind AFC.