AFC - Abacus Formula Compiler for Java
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Contributing to AFC

Thank you! We appreciate all contributions. Here are some easy ideas on how you can help:

Participate in the public discussion forum
This is the easiest way to help others.
Extend or fix errors in the wiki
Adding a page on how you solved a particular problem or worked around a bug can be very helpful to others.
Submit bug reports
Reports that are easily reproducible are especially helpful for us. So a good bug report is usually accompanied by a spreadsheet file or a code snippet showcasing the problem.

Contributing Code Or Documentation

Developer Documentation
There is extensive documentation on working with AFC’s code and documentation source, including setup of the development environment. We have tried particularly hard to make implementing missing spreadsheet functions straightforward.
Granting Of Rights
As AFC is a dual-licensed product, Abacus needs sufficient rights to your contributions in order to integrate them. Here we tell you what these rights are, and how you grant them.
Peter’s Journal
Peter Arrenbrecht’s rather unstructured journal regarding the development of AFC. I use it to keep track of ideas, goals and discussion notes.