AFC - Abacus Formula Compiler for Java

Decompiled Code For DAYS360( C60, D60 )

The expression

=DAYS360( C60, D60 )

is compiled to the following class(es):

package org.formulacompiler.gen;
import org.formulacompiler.runtime.Computation;
import org.formulacompiler.runtime.ComputationMode;
import org.formulacompiler.runtime.internal.Environment;
import org.formulacompiler.runtime.internal.RuntimeDouble_v2;
import org.formulacompiler.tests.reference.base.Inputs;
import org.formulacompiler.tests.reference.base.Outputs;

final class $Root extends Outputs implements Computation
    private final Inputs $inputs;
    final Environment $environment;
    final ComputationMode $computationMode;

    $Root(Inputs inputs, Environment environment) {
        $environment = environment;
        $inputs = inputs;
        $computationMode = ComputationMode.EXCEL;

    final double get$0() {
        return RuntimeDouble_v2.fun_DAYS360(get$1(), get$2(), 0.0 != 0.0,

    public final double dbl() {
        return get$0();

    final double get$1() {
        return $inputs.dbl(0);

    final double get$2() {
        return $inputs.dbl(1);