AFC - Abacus Formula Compiler for Java

Java Code Style

To ensure some sort of consistency in the source code, I would strongly appreciate it if you could follow these style guidelines (and generally the ones you see in the code that already exists):


  • Unix line ending conventions (LF only).
  • UTF-8 character encoding.


  • Use tabs to indent, not spaces.


  • Prefix parameters with an underscore, like so: void foo( int _bar ). (You may omit the underscore in parameters in the template methods for primitive functions.)
  • Add inner spaces within the parens of parameter lists, like so: void foo( int _bar ), rather than void foo(int _bar).
  • Also do this when calling methods: foo( 12 );, not foo(12);. But: bar();, not bar( );.
  • Do not add inner spaces for parens used to group operators, as in: 1 * (2 + 3).
  • Add inner spaces within the brackets of array accesses, like so: a[ i + j ].


  • Put the starting and final braces for classes and methods onto a separate line.
  • Put the starting brace of flow constructs onto the same line as the construct.
  • Put the start of else, catch, finally, etc. onto a separate line.
  • Separate not very closely related methods by two empty lines, especially if there are also JavaDoc comments present.


  • Use final wherever possible, except on parameters (as this, alas, makes the parameter lists unwieldy).
  • Use this.field rather than just field to access local fields.

For everything else, please follow the standard Java conventions.