Interface SpreadsheetNameCreator

public interface SpreadsheetNameCreator

Utility interface that supports the creation of cell names from other cells' values.

This interface is an API only. Do not implement it yourself.


Nested Class Summary
static class SpreadsheetNameCreator.Config
          Configuration data for new instances of SpreadsheetNameCreator.
static interface SpreadsheetNameCreator.Factory
          Factory interface for ImplementationLocator.getInstance(Class).
Method Summary
 void createCellNamesFromRowTitles()
          Creates cell names from row titles.

Method Detail


void createCellNamesFromRowTitles()
Creates cell names from row titles. A row title is the constant string value of the leftmost cell of a row. This value is given as a cell name to the cell just to the right of it. The method only processes rows which have two leftmost cells and the leftmost one of them holds a constant string value. Before setting the name, some characters that are illegal for cell names are filtered out. In particular, white space and some punctuation is filtered.