Class CompilerException

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Exception
          extended by org.formulacompiler.runtime.FormulaCompilerException
              extended by org.formulacompiler.compiler.CompilerException
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
CompilerException.ConstructorMissing, CompilerException.DataTypeError, CompilerException.DuplicateDefinition, CompilerException.FactoryMethodMissing, CompilerException.MethodNotImplemented, CompilerException.ParallelVectorsSpanDifferentSubSections, CompilerException.ReferenceToArrayNotAggregated, CompilerException.ReferenceToInnerCellNotAggregated, CompilerException.ReferenceToOuterInnerCell, CompilerException.SectionOrientation, CompilerException.UnsupportedDataType, CompilerException.UnsupportedExpression, CompilerException.UnsupportedExpressionSource, CompilerException.UnsupportedOperator, SpreadsheetException, SpreadsheetException.NotInSection, SpreadsheetException.SectionExtentNotCovered, SpreadsheetException.SectionOverlap, SpreadsheetException.SectionSpan

public class CompilerException
extends FormulaCompilerException

Defines all the errors raised by the functional model compiler of AFC.

See Also:
FormulaCompiler, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class CompilerException.BrokenReference
          Indicates that a reference to a cell is broken.
static class CompilerException.ConstructorMissing
          You specified a factory or output class with no suitable constructor for AFC to call.
static class CompilerException.DataTypeError
          You attempted to combine incompatible types in an expression; or you attempted to use an expression which type cannot be determined.
static class CompilerException.DuplicateDefinition
          You attempted to define an element twice.
static class CompilerException.FactoryMethodMissing
          You specified a factory type with no suitable factory method.
static class CompilerException.MethodNotImplemented
          You did not bind all of the abstract methods of the output type to cells.
static class CompilerException.NameNotFound
          Indicates that a required named element was not found.
static class CompilerException.ParallelVectorsSpanDifferentSubSections
          You aggregated two parallel vectors (using COVAR, for example), but they cross different subsections, or cross them differently.
static class CompilerException.ReferenceToArrayNotAggregated
          An expression references an array (range) without aggregating it.
static class CompilerException.ReferenceToInnerCellNotAggregated
          An outer cell references an inner cell of a section without aggregating it.
static class CompilerException.ReferenceToOuterInnerCell
          A cell references another cell which is itside the first cell's section, but contained within a sibling subsection of their common parent section.
static class CompilerException.SectionOrientation
          The aggregator function you used does not support repeating sections of the given orientation.
static class CompilerException.UnsupportedDataType
          You attempted to bind a spreadsheet cell to a method with an unsupported return type, or an unsupported parameter type; or you attempted to compile a spreadsheet with an unsupported constant value in a cell referenced by the computation.
static class CompilerException.UnsupportedExpression
          You attempted to compile a spreadsheet containing an unsupported expression.
static class CompilerException.UnsupportedExpressionSource
          The formula you tried to parse contains an error or an unsupported element.
static class CompilerException.UnsupportedOperator
          You attempted to compile a spreadsheet containing an expression with an unsupported operator.
Constructor Summary
CompilerException(java.lang.String _message)
CompilerException(java.lang.String _message, java.lang.Throwable _cause)
CompilerException(java.lang.Throwable _cause)
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public CompilerException(java.lang.String _message)


public CompilerException(java.lang.String _message,
                         java.lang.Throwable _cause)


public CompilerException(java.lang.Throwable _cause)


public CompilerException()